Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teachings From Master C

I was set out to please Master C last night. I am in training so I can't wait to show him I am worth the trouble. I got dressed up in my lace teddy and high heels and headed over to his place with nothing but a coat to keep me warm and covered.

He let me in and we headed to his bedroom. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it and his pants off. He was naked and I was standing behind him. I started off rubbing his shoulders and his back. My hands getting lower as I gave him sweet kisses down his spine. My hands wrapping themselves around his hips to his large thick cock. Stroking him slowly but firmly. I get to my knees still kissing the low of his back and then to the crack of his ass. I pushed Master C over so he was bending over the bed with legs spread. I make my way to his balls with my mouth and lightly suck on them. My tongue moves up and down from his ass to his balls. I then had Master C stand up so I could get in front of him so he could put his cock in my mouth. My hands were wondering all over his cock, balls, ass…He was so turned on and so was I. He started to fuck my mouth and the more I played with that middle area between his balls and asshole the more turned on Master C got until he exploded in my awaiting mouth. And I sucked every last drop out of him…

Sweet Dreams…and off I went.

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  1. wow... that is a sweet dream for any man I think... that is a dream I wish could come true for me.