Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Walk Home

After a pleasant dinner with friends, full of suggestive jokes and risque banter, you and I flirting all night, touching each other under the table, we walk home, laughing, hugging, stopping along the way several times to kiss, grope each other, giggling. We turn the corner onto a quiet street. You lean me against a lamppost while we embrace. I have on a leather skirt. You are kissing my neck, biting lightly, and you slide my hand down and pull up my skirt, running your hand up my thighs, feeling my ass. I am groaning, hugging you tighter, your hot breath in my ear as you whisper your desires to me. "I want to fuck you right here, on the street.” My pussy is so wet. I want your hard cock deep inside me now. God, I'm so fucking horny! My hands are rubbing the front of your pants, feeling your hardness through the material. Your hand finds the elastic of my underwear, pulling my panties down, feeling the warm dampness between my thighs, you slide my panties down to give you access. You fingers explore my moist pussy, first one, then two fingers… Now I am really getting excited, your mouth finds mine, our tongues entwined. I reach down and unzip you jeans, feeling your hard erection, releasing it from its constricting confines.... You lift me up, sliding against the lamp post, then you position yourself at the entrance of my awaiting, wet, pussy. It takes a little wiggling around, then you feel the opening and left me onto you, engulfing your hardness completely. With both hands holding my ass cheeks, slowly, you raise and lower me. My legs wrapped around you, the lamppost providing a little support. My ass is completely exposed now. I am moaning, "oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, I'm so fuckin' wet"… Just then a car turns the corner, and slows as it sees us. A couple of college kids are in it, they let out loud wolf whistles. They stop, watching us fuck under the streetlight. This just encourages me, I love an audience I am squeezing you tight, moaning harder, You feel my thighs start to tremble, I am cuming, we fuck faster, the contractions of my PC muscles on your cock are having their effect, You are cuming too, as you groan and moan, Your hot cum squirts deep inside me. Slowly, as your cock shrinks, I slide off, you lower me to the ground, my legs are shaky after the powerful orgasm, you hold onto me, we kiss passionately. The kids in the car cheer and drive off, I wave to them. We rearange our clothing, and walk home hand in hand, while you whisper what you are going to do to me in round two when we are home in bed.

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