Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Erotic BJ

Picture this…A king size four post bed. Lying on it sideways, with my arms and legs tied to each post, on my stomach, blindfolded. My head is just over the side and Sir standing in front of me naked. He forces his cock deep in my mouth. Trying my best to accommodate him in this position. With a cane in his hand he smacks me with it every once in a while to grab my attention. And boy it did….with every stroke I took his cock deeper and with more enthusiasm. I am loving every minute of it. I could feel his cock getting harder and warmer with every inch of my awaiting mouth. Waiting for that moment of release.

This went on for 2 ½ hours…I have welts on my ass to prove it. But at least he was able to cum twice and I was able to as well. This is my erotic / kinky story of the week. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Thanks for the story. Yes, it was enjoyable.


  2. Sounds like you have thought this one through pretty carefully. Nice details. Hot story. You need to get yourself laid, deary.

  3. Really really hot...I will have to try this tonight, except replacing 'cane' with 'flogger'.

  4. Damn...that's smokin' hot, Carrie! I'm not sure if I'd rather be on my tummy or on my back - being on my back makes it easier to accomodate the BJ, but it also exposes some extremely sensitive areas to the blows of the cane! Yowza!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)