Thursday, July 22, 2010


As a submissive / slave punishment is part of what we accepted when we entered into a D/s lifestyle. It is this term of punishment that vanilla persons seem to have issues with. (I’m guessing) Slaves seem to enjoy pain with their pleasure and seem to enjoy being the submissive one but true punishment isn’t fun. The Master has to know when and how to administer that punishment without abusing his power.

I was reading an article that made a lot of since to me… There are 2 types of punishments. 1. Natural Consequences – This is a result when a slave (or anyone) doesn’t obey the rules and a negative result occurs. A Master that is aware of this concept can use it as a training aid. If used properly it not only improves obedience but also can help improve self – image, thoughts, and behavior.

2. Logical Consequences – are a negative result if failing to understand or ignoring the rules that are placed by the Master. According to the article 3 rules should apply when determining the punishment for the slave.

           1. Attitude- The Master should not apply consequences out of anger. The consequences should be well thought out and appropriate to "fit the crime." The purpose is to modify the slave’s behavior so that it pleases her Master.

            2. Choices - In slave training the consequences should be designed to show the slave that their is a price to pay for disobeying her Master. She has no choice but to follow her Master's rules and protocol. She has no choice as well in determining the logical consequence that follows her failure to obey. She is subject to what her Master determines is a logical consequence to her actions. By choosing slavery she has given that freedom of choice to her Master. The choice of a consequence to be taken can be discussed between Master and slave, but the slave must realize that the choice of the consequence belongs to her Master. Her only choice is obedience.

             3. Another important aspect is that action, instead of words, helps ensure success fewer  mistakes in the future. A logical consequence is usually more than just words; it involves a corrective and/or punitive action. The action should point out the bad behavior and the correct expected behavior should be made clear to the slave.

As a submissive I crave to be disciplined. To know that the rules set by my Master are for my own good and for his acceptance of me. I am curious in what you think about punishment. As a sub or a Master.

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