Monday, July 19, 2010

Sub Meeting

I had an interesting weekend… On Saturday I met 2 of my followers for lunch. I shouldn’t really call them followers but they seem to have known me before I knew they existed. Anyway, it was great. Both of these lovely ladies are subs and it was so wonderful to be able to sit next to someone who are into the lifestyle. We talked about a wide verity of subjects but things did lead to more exciting conversations.

I wont motioned their names here but I will give you an incite to who they are. One of the subs had been in the lifestyle for 25 years. She must have a world of knowledge and I get that she is quite a kinkster. The other is more new. Her Master is long distance and its hard for them to see much of each other. She is completely devoted to him and the love she has for him is evident.

Both women talked so openly and honestly. I loved every moment. I hope that this relationship will continue to grow. Every sub needs an outlet. My blog and web site have done wonders for me and the hope that this new “in life relationships” will bring me to a more fulfilled chapter.

I cant wait to learn more about them both so I can share my experiences and to receive some advice along the way.


  1. Very interesting! I agree it's a good thing to have other subs to be able to talk to, learn from, and teach. Not to mention, many of us never meet anyone from the blogs we feel we know, even if only through their writing.'s great that you were able to meet them and hopefully find some new lifelong friends.


  2. Like anything else on the internet, virtual life can only take you so far. The real thing is so much better, imho.

    I'm glad you have some friends you can talk to. Who knows, they might even be able to help you find your soulmate.

  3. Hi Carrie!

    I think that I would explode if I didn't have the Blogosphere and the community that we share. Although, I have to admit that I agree with Neo Dom (as usual!) that there's nothing like the real thing... I'm thrilled that you were able to cultivate a new friendship with women that you can be yourself with - and I mean "you" in all of your facets. :) Good for you!

    All my best,
    Baby Girl :)