Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

I love to listen to Howard Stern on my drive to work every morning. And what I love best is his interviews. He always asks the questions no one else will ask. Today he had Steven Adler with Guns & Roses on the show. OMG…that man lived one crazy life.

He talked about all the drugs he and the rest of the band took. I am surprised he’s not dead. But the best part of the interview was the sex. Adler was talking about being on the tour bus with 9 women. He was getting laid up to 15 times a day at one point. He then talked about having group sex, constant blowjobs, sex where 3 men were doing 1 girl. How in the world can anyone have so much sex and be alive today to talk about it? He was (and maybe still is) out of control. A true sex addict.

I could never have sex with a guy like this but the stories he told had me rolling on the floor laughing. LOVE YOU HOWARD STERN


  1. Once upon a time ( I won't admit this in person) I used to watch Celebrity Rehab on VH1. In case you don't know, this was a documentary reality show about real celebrity patients in an in-patient facility in Pasadena, CA, and overseen by Dr. Drew.

    Anyway...One season Steven Adler was one of the patients. you talk about one seriously messed up man. Sex, drugs, depression, suicide attempts. What a wreck he was. After all the fame, and fortune, and experiences he ad...I think I'll stick to my little life thank you very much! LOL!


  2. DV, They talked about being on that show too. Adler says he is 5 months sober and now has a book out. I wish him the best of luck but I agree with you... It really doesnt sound like that great of a life.