Friday, July 23, 2010


Do you have a rape fantasy? I think most people do… I would love to know what that fantasy is. Are you the one being raped or the rapist? Is there a break in? Do you fight? Does anything go or are there rules between the two of you?

The thought of having rough sex, pain or being forced to do something outside my comfort zone completely turns me on. Even the thought of being outside in a semi public place is a great turn on for me. I read on Heather B’s blog today of taboos… We all have them I am sure. But the thought of doing something that is “not vanilla” is terribly exciting. It is what turned me on to D/s in the beginning. Now I know it is much more then that but the sex part of D/s is such a powerful act.

Please share your comments on your fantasies or taboos. Love to hear them.

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  1. I will admit, that being introduced to dominant or 'forceful' sex at the request of two gals I met in recent years had me thinking of this scenario more than once. But there has to be total trust between those involved, and limits (if pushed) can't be written in stone beforehand to the point the action is scripted. A gal I worked with confided in me once (the first time we got naked together! lol) that the best sex she ever had was with someone who acted on her suggestion of 'forceful' sex with a near-rape scenario. She told me her ultimate turn-on was being made to feel like a complete 'whore' and treated roughly! OMG (boing! lol) This coming from a petite preacher's daughter, how cliche right? Its true! The next bus trip we had together, she cornered me in the hotel bar amongst lots of people, slid her door key into my pocket and told me 'use it anytime'!!!!
    She wanted that total surprise 'rape fantasy' there is noooo doubt, but not being sure enough about her desires I hesitated. I mean this was someone I worked with . . what if she turned on me? I regret not using the opportunity the way she probably wanted. If only I had known of your writings then . .