Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July


And it’s the last day of work for me until the 12th. I am headed on vacation. The first vacation I have had in 2 years so I am most excited about it. I am headed to Orlando with my daughter (my son is spending several weeks with his grandparents in Chicago) to spend some time at the theme parks and then 5 day of dance competitions. She is a beautiful dancer and has spent the past month of her summer vacation in the dance studio practicing, not only for her group dances but her solo routines as well. The girl is completely dedicated to scoring well. This is a National competition with dancers all over the country. As soon as I know where and when the competition will be televised I will post it here so all of you can see my little girl (not so little at age 13) perform.

So tonight I will be packing, getting the dogs and cat ready for the kennel and loading the car. I know this will start to stress me out as soon as I pull out of the drive as I know or think I will forget some very important piece to my daughters 8 costumes. I am the type of person who makes list after list but always seem to forget something. Oh well, that’s me.

I want to let you know that I will not be posting until the 13th. I will not be bringing my laptop and its to frustrating for me to type to much on my phone. So I will miss you all but you wont be forgotten.

And to Sir, I will miss you too. I am planning a short trip in a few months and maybe you can come along. Have a lovely week and have a BLAST this 4th of July.

Love you all


  1. Good luck on all your trip and I hope your daughter dances her way to the top! And when you get back, I am confident you will find the man of your dreams!

  2. Your the best Tom...Thanks
    Have a great weekend