Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Night's Fantasy

You've been teasing me all day - flirting, playfully smacking my ass, planting kisses on my neck when I'm otherwise occupied. You've made it plenty obvious that you're horny. Do you want me? I think so. Let's go then. Strip off your clothes and hop into bed with me. I shed my clothes, letting them fall to the floor. You beat me to the bed. I smile at you. I slip under the covers and join you. Your body is warm against mine, hot to the touch. I press myself against you, pushing my thigh in between yours. You kiss me sensually. Your lips brush over mine. I slip my tongue past your lips and violate your mouth. You respond hungrily. Your hands come up to the back of my head and tangle their fingers in my hair, drawing me closer. My hands slide over your chest to your back. I pull you tight to me, crushing my breasts against your chest. My nipples are hard, pressing into you, they send an ache through my pussy. I groan. Your thigh tightens over mine. My hands move down to your ass, cupping it. Your hips rock forward pushing your hard cock into my clit. My hips respond by grinding into you. Your hands move down to my breasts. Your fingers deftly circle my nipples sending shockwaves through my body. I moan into your mouth. God. I need you. My hands find yours and we intertwine our fingers, holding on tight. I kiss you greedily now, my hips grinding harder against your cock. You're thrusting up into me forcing your cock to skid over my pussy lips. God. I'm so wet. I know you can feel my wet heat covering you.

You move my hands over my head and push them down into the bed, pinning me. I break our kiss and you smile down at me. "You are mine today," You whisper. "I'm going to use you. I'm going to control you. I'm going to work you until you beg me to fuck you." I groan. I struggle a bit against your hands but you push them down firmly. You lean down and tease my lips with your tongue. My head comes up trying to kiss you and you pull away, teasing again. You lean down across my body and crush your lips against mine.

I love your taste. I move my hips in a rhythm now. My thrusts meet yours. We are covered in my juices and your pre-cum now, your cock is slick against my slit. My lips slide off your mouth and kiss my way along your jaw line. I trail my mouth down your neck kissing, and licking. I take your mouth again, hard. Your mouth responds, frantic against mine. I can feel your urgency. I rub myself harder against you. God. I can feel my own body reacting to you. My pussy is starting to pulse. I'm coming close to the edge. I use your hands as leverage now, driving back against you. Your cock is throbbing under me. I can't take it any longer. "Please, Sir "please fuck me. I need you. I want you. Please fuck me." I kiss you hard, shoving my tongue back in your mouth, fucking you with it. At the same I angle my hips and press your cock head to my pussy. In one move you slide deep inside me. You don't let up. My tongue continues to fuck your mouth as I start to fuck your cock. Your hands grip mine hard, your hips pushing up into me. You fuck me hard, pounding down onto me.

My orgasm hits me hard. I break our kiss and cry out as the waves of pleasure overtake me. You can't hold back. The pulsing of my pussy around your cock pushes you over the edge. Your hips raise up and you thrust hard, shooting your hot spunk deep inside me over and over. We convulse together, moaning, gasping for breath. Such pleasure, such exquisite sensations rock through us. I kiss you again, passionately, feeling the pulsing of your cock as it empties every last drop into me.

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