Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Sorry Daddy

There's only one thing for it - you're going to have to be punished.

I've given you every chance to behave, and yet still you insist on behaving like a dirty little girl, masturbating secretly, thinking I won't know what you've been doing.

Such a little slut.
My little slut.
And you do know what a dirty little slut you are, don't you...?
I think it's time you admitted it.
Not that it'll save you from a spanking, of course. You still deserve to be punished.
But if you're prepared to admit to me what a dirty little slut you are, and if you bend over and take your spanking like a good girl, then I'll reward you afterwards. I'll slip my fingers deep inside you, and tease you, softly. If you're really good, if you tell me what a slut you are, and beg me to fuck you... then perhaps I'll allow you to touch me... we'll see ;)
If, however, you insist on being a brat, then you'll be spanked, hard. The particularly bratty ones amongst you will be tied up first, then spanked, and then made to stand in the corner.
It's up to you.
Are you going to be a good girl?
Then pull down your panties and bend over the couch...
Spread your thighs for me, I want to see you...
Admit to me what a slut you really are...

“Yes Daddy, I’m your naughty little slut. I have been masturbating while you have been away. I deserve what is coming to me…please forgive me Daddy.”


  1. Mmmm . . its a good thing when a girl knows her place! I sense this happening in my office after you you were pestering me because you were bored with nothing to do. Uhmm, inspiration! lol
    And my lust feeds off each SMACK delivered!

  2. I know this is exactly what you have been doing.

    You know where and how to find what you need so you can stop being punished for pleasing yourself.

    Two words is all it takes.