Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strange Thoughts

I have always had a hard time swallowing. It isn’t about the taste but more about the texture and given that it is real warm…I haven’t required a craving for it. Soooo, I am looking for ideas on how to get over it.

I have a friend who offered a couple of ideas. 1) To put it on a slice of toast. At first I thought, kinda gross but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. It would defiantly help with the texture issue I have. 2) Put it in a glass and then freeze it. Then take it in as a popsicle. Love this idea. It helps with the texture and the warm issues.

What do you all think? Got any better ideas?

I know this isn’t my usual post but sometimes I just get these thoughts in my head and I have to just write them down. And while I am on the subject of weird things to talk about… Is it possible to masturbate and not remember that you did it the next morning? This happen to me. I woke up in the middle of the night, must have did myself with my vibrator, then fell back to sleep. It wasn’t until I got to work this morning when I realized the vibrator was left out and what I did last night. Am I going crazy? Has this happen to you?


  1. Ewww. Lol. Apparently I have the same problem. I deal with it by just sucking it up and swallowing. The faster I do it, the less I have to think about it, the quicker it's over with and done (all puns intended). I don't mind the sucking, it's the swallowing that makes my tummy cringe. But again, down the pipes as fast as it can, and then I gulp orange juice. Master doesn't have any rules about when I swallow or what I chase it with, he laughs and says as long as I don't waste it, he doesn't mind at all.

  2. Im so glad I am not the only one with issues.

  3. I usually aim it at the back of my mouth so I don't have to really taste anything. Although I can tell a difference in the taste, depending on his liquid intake. Anyway, that aside, it really helps if you chase it down with some juice or any liquid. Most of the time, I just put it in my mind that it pleases him a LOT when I do suck and swallow.

    On the masturbating thing, yes it does happen. Haha. Sometimes I'd go about the day and at some point I get a flashback of the night and realize "Oh, I did? I kinda can't remember..." It happens.. =)

  4. Practice Practice Practice and Practice some more.

  5. The aiming at the back of the throat is a good idea; I try to do that.

    I told Daddy once that it tastes like egg yolk, when it starts to congeal a little on your plate... he stopped eating over-easy eggs for awhile after that. hehe

    The best thing I've found is this creme by passion parties. It's called "cremesicle" and we got it in strawberry flavor. You spread it all over where he wants your mouth and then just go for it. It's like sucking your dessert right off of him. ;D Yuuummmmy! (No I don't work for them!) Even swallowing is yummy with that stuff!

    So... perhaps finding something you like and then usiang it to help mask the taste and help ease you into it some more? I have a few other products that I like, but that cremesicle one is my absolute favorite!

  6. Well I only knew one gal who pulled me down her throat at the climatic moment, but I attributed it to the lust she felt! Now you've put doubts in my head . . such a bad lil girl! Bend over and take your punishment! lol You will probably continue this type of behavior as you explore my past . . won't you? I'll bet you will!

  7. Honey...Coats your tongue so you can't taste or feel anything.