Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Favor

I would like to ask you all to do me a big favor. There is a contest being put on by MTV. My daughter's friend who she dances with is one of the 20 finalists from all over the country that are trying to win votes. The winner gets to be a dancer for MTV.

I am asking if you can go to and look for Katelyn D. from Palm Beach FL and vote for her. You can vote once a day until the 11th. Please lets help her out. She is one of the best dancers in the school.

Thanks so much


  1. Wow, wish I could dance like her! :) She definitely earned my vote!

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  3. Okay I posted that I had voted just before actually voting.... the website isn't working on my end.... if you link me again I'll vote for her! Right now though when I click the link it says it doesn't exist :(

  4. I'm having the same problem as ariia....the website won't come up. Is there another link?
    Thanks.......Kara XOXO

  5. Maybe not use the link but put it in yourself...its Im not sure why your having trouble it seems to work for others.

    Thanks so much for helping out. Im so excited for her.