Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love vs. Attraction

I was turned on to Safeword Magazine by our good friend DV (who has a published article…congrats to you) There was an article that really caught my attention called Love vs. Attraction. I never looked at my past relationships like this but it has really got my brain thinking. It states that all relationships are made up of Attraction or Love. Both feelings have much of the same symptoms and is hard to figure out what it is that you are feeling.

Attraction has very intense, lust, hard hitting emotions but is only good to fill the place until someone or something better comes along. This is why people cheat.

Love comes natural, the most reliable foundation for a relationship. Love is more than attraction by far! It's more of a desire to have someone as part of your life which is accompanied by the willingness to share future goals, caring (protective instincts) and the willful commitment of loyalty mutually shared.

I am writing this post because this really hit home for me. It’s not about living vanilla or D/s or any other lifestyle. Its about how we see each other in the relationship. If we can learn to understand our emotions maybe there will be less heartbreak in our lives.

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  1. I believe there can be an attraction and love in the same relationship.

    Any "connection" or "attraction" can make the feelings far more intense and that is what we look for especially in the lifestyle.

    Normally, when I connect with someone, the attraction deepens and leads me ultimately to fall in love with that little girl.

    I am not saying that there is no difference between love and attraction, but I believe one can in time lead to the other.