Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Your Kink?

I know that all of us have a certain kink factor, otherwise we wouldn’t be here reading each others blogs. Some of you are real kinksters while others simply hope that one day you will act upon your fantasies. I am sort of in the middle. I am not extreme but I do like to have fun and will try almost anything once.

What I want to know is what your true kink is? What gets you off? Do you have a fetish? I can’t say that I have a fetish but I do like a man with a really cool tattoo or two. It really just turns me on to be able to kiss it and touch that particular body part.

So I am opening the lines of communication here and tell me. I want to know your deep dwon kinkiest secrets.


  1. I know you'd never guess this about me, but...I have a thing for a really nice ass. :)


  2. Nooooo you DV? never would have guessed

  3. Until meeting Jess I never really was into kink or anything like that. When I met Jess she introduced me to bondage. So I would have to say that's one of my major kinks. Being helpless during sex just takes things to another level.
    As for a fetish I have to admit I have a foot one. Seeing a gorgeous girl in beautiful heels always turns me on. I always thought I was a little weird for that until meeting Jess. The when she starting teaching me about "kinky" things I discovered I wasn't really that weird and there are others out there who are turned on by various things. With Jess I love when she puts her feet in my lap and just lets me massage them for hours. I just don't use my hands either. I love mixing in licking and sucking on them with my mouth and tongue.
    Anyway that's my input. Like I mentioned to cricket in her latest post, I'm not in D/s or being dominated by someone 24/7. I just enjoy exploring my kinks which are bondage and feet.
    Great post....Kara XOXO

  4. I have a fetish for being tied up. Go figure right? Lol. I wouldn't say it's "fetish" in the sense as some people (I don't worship the ropes) but it's definitely a beginning to an obsession :)

    Other than that though... I am where you are. Interested and curious but not quite sure if I could categorize some of my kinks as fetishes.

  5. I'd say being pinned down, tied up and maybe blindfolded. There's something about not being able to move and him having his way with me that turns me on. =p

    And yeah well, I'm a new follower, been reading through your old posts for a few days now. Anyway, I hope life's treating you well, have a great day. =)

  6. I love bondage, latex, and corsets. Not necessarily in that order.