Monday, November 8, 2010

Your Tongue

I want you, Sir. I want to wake up with your early morning hardon pressing into your bottom as we spoon. I want the leisurely fucking that becomes frenetic....

You start to kiss the back of my neck and before I knew it you push me onto my back. Your sweet kisses make their way down. Your tongue is on my slit, it is wet, you can tell how excited I am. Your tongue invades me, up and down, touching my clit briefly, I shiver.... I’m loving it. Your tongue laps at my pussy, I am moaning, I reach for my breasts, massaging them, playing with my nipples, twisting them, feel them harden... I want to cum, It would be so easy to cum with your tongue invading me… I push my pussy into your face, my hands on your head, pushing you… You stab my slit with my tongue, circling my clit... I start to entrap your head with my legs. I am almost there, I am squeezing you, breathing hard, moaning, You keep your tongue on your clit, I start to shiver, squeezing you more, your finger finds its way to my anus, circling it, my wetness has made my crack slippery, You slide a finger into my ass as I cum, and push hard, your finger all the way inside, my orgasm explodes… I am screaming your name, don't stop! don't stop! I am shaking uncontrollably, my body weak with pleasure.

1 comment:

  1. Your destiny is before you.

    It is right there. See it??

    Give that destiny one day, just 24 hours.

    Be alone with your destiny and find what you have searched for for such a long time.

    Twenty-Four hours to drown years of waiting. Twenty-Four hours to erase the pain.
    Twenty-Four hours to find the depth of what a true D's relationship can bring.
    Twnnty-Four hours to find the flight from the top of the mountain.

    Do not delay. No more waiting. No more sorrow.

    Give yourself in totality and find the bliss of complete and deep submission.