Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am not usually a dreamer and if I do dream I don't remember them. So maybe because I wasn't feeling well last night and just super tired, I started to dream. Boy, were they crazy. If anyone knows how to analyze or has an idea what my dream could be about...I would love to know.

All night long I was dreaming of being chased. I was in a car with a man and I was driving. We were driving through the country side with mountains in the back ground and it was rainy (I mention this because I live in flat, sunny, South Florida) There were several times where my car lost control. I am not sure who was chasing me or the person I was in the car with. At some point we get out of the car and run into this public bathroom, in the middle of nowhere. We hop into the stall where this guy started stripping me and kissing me. He was looking for something but then got all sexual. So I started to take his clothes off as well...(and this is the funny part) he goes to fuck me and this voice says "watch out for his penis" So I look down and his cock falls off. I was shocked.... Then of course my alarm goes off.

I know that dreams are supposed to have these deep down meanings so what do you think? I would love to know what you see in this dream.


  1. I'm not an expert or anything...

    But, generally, dreams where you're being chased symbolize you trying to run away from something--a problem or situation you don't want to face--in real life...something you're anxious about.

    Similarly, you driving the car (generally) represents how you're taking control of your life--since the ride is rough (i.e. you keep losing control of it), I'd say there's something in your life that's not working out the way you want it to,maybe?

    Not sure about the whole penis thing...But, I wonder if it's related to teeth-falling-out dreams, which is an anxiety thing. Is there a relationship with a male in your life that you're anxious about, or not sure how to proceed with?

    That's my best guess, though, again, I'm no expert or anything...I obviously don't know specifics, but hopefully I helped, at least a little...


  2. Thanks Bre, you have good insite and does seem to make since. Hmmmm, I will have to give this situations in my life more thought

  3. No problem! ^_^ I love dream interpretation....I just hope everything works out okay for you!

  4. Reina--definitely driving around in a car out of control is from being stressed because you feel like your life is out of control.

    The penis falling off sounds like it might be hostility toward men, especially after your boss (a man?) and the guy you complained about from fetlife treated you the way they did. I hate it when that happens to me! (when my penis falls off)

  5. Interesting . . great insight from Bre and Tom (both seem to make good sense), but the penis thing . . I think it has to do with the guy on fetlife who begins to get rude w/you, but you then just 'cut him off'. That's my $ .02 worth!

  6. I wouldn't read too much into such dreams. It's an entertaining mindfuck. It doesn't need to mean anything.

    I've had a period before where I had really crazy dreams and they kept happening because I found I liked them. Eventually I got bored and they changed to more normal/random things.

    You might wanna practice Lucid Dreaming. It's like day-dreaming in that you can snap out of it instantly, but it's a little deeper than day-dreaming and closer to dozing. The trick is to be less than fully conscious, so you're aware that you can change everything, but you're not aware that it's a dream (you still think it's reality).

    Interpretation... maybe the mountains came from some picture or movie you saw recently, or even a book! Maybe you're wondering what it would be like to live in the mountains, or go on vacation there.

    The car acting up might represent external forces (people? red tape?) that at the very least annoy you and push you out of your routine. Or you just watched national news and they reported cars in ditches because of icy roads.

    The stranger in the car might have been a composition of some person you actually drove around with and some random dude that caught your attention briefly and got stuck in your subconscious.

    Sex in a public restroom... exhibitionist fantasy, I'd say. No need for such a tendency in you, but it's something you normally don't do and that's excitement enough. Maybe you want more excitement?

    The dick falling off... ever think of using a dildo, vibrator, strap-on? Or someone using it on you?

    Try dreaming that dream again. Maybe it will answer you on its own.