Monday, January 31, 2011

A Master Question

This is a question to all you Doms out there... Have you ever taken a beating from a cane, whip, other instrument in order to see what it feels like to the subs that take it from you? Do you feel it is important to know how much control you hold in your hands?

Do you want the whole experience of a session from the preparation to the after care? Would it make you appreciate her more to know how it feels to be on her side?

I do not think I have it in me to try and spank or dominate my Dom in any way. And much as I would sometimes love to see how much of a lashing my Master can take, I would not personally be able to do it.

I not sure how one would go about in sharing this experience. I am sure having your sub do this to you would not be ideal (it would be rather confusing if you ask me) But if, as a Dom where to have a role reversal session...would that make you a better Master to your slave / submissive girl?


  1. I know you asked for Dom-opinions, but I thought I'd throw out my two cents...

    My Master's never been beaten on with anything, but He does test all of our toys out on Himself before using them on me...spanking His inner thigh or arm, using clamps on that bit of skin between thumb and index finger, etc...

    He thinks it's best if He knows what the toys feel like before He uses them on me...but I don't think He'd ever get anyone else to test them on Him...and I know I'd never be the one to hit Him...


  2. I don't think its wise to ask a sub g/f to try to explore this, BUT I have contacted a Domme before to experience the other side. I even learned something! lol What I would entertain, is restraining my sub and let her see what effect a Domme had on me . . then perhaps let her explore you afterwards! Now that's learning!

  3. As always Mav, you leave me wondering about you

  4. That's a good question. I personally have never had the utensils of the trade used on me. I have, as panda mentioned, tried them on myself a bit. I have no desire to want or feel the wrath of them upon me, as I have not a masochistic bone in me. I also wouldn't ask or demand that my sub endure something that I knew she didn't want. To a degree that is kind of like asking me if I would suck a cock so I know what it's like when I make my sub. That's just not going to happen. LOL! I think it's all in what you need and want personally.