Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Needed Him

I know most of you have been worrying about me and my sex life or that lack of, so I am going to write about one of my first episodes with my new gentleman. I am not sure I will write about my whole evening but here is part 1...

My eyes flicked at him. I wasn't surprised to see how much lust was visible. I could tell by his voice when he said my name in my ear. It was strong and dangerous. My hand reached behind me and I drew him closer. I needed to feel him. I needed to feel all of him.

Coming closer, he reached his hands around me, bringing them up along my sides. Sighing softly, I leaned back into him. My hands pulled against his hips, bringing his already erect naked cock hard against my ass. His lips found my neck, softly kissing it as he breathed heavily against it. Our bodies began to move. We swayed together as his hands began to explore. Little effort was made stripping my blouse and bra free. His hands found my breasts, firm and full at his touch. I melted into him. My hands reached behind me, rubbing his cock. I could feel his pulse as my hands worked over him. His breathing became heavier and our movements more frantic.

It was a need now, a need to fuck.

His hands pinched my nipples hard, rolling them between his fingers as I gasped. He let go of one breast and moved his hand down across my belly. Unzipped my skirt, his hand quickly slid down inside my panties and found my aching clit. My knees buckled a little as his fingers rubbed against me. Our breathing turned more rapid as we writhed together, feeling the need growing.

I need to fuck... He thrust his hips deep into my awaiting pussy. I cried out as I felt him fill me and start to fuck me. I had been needing this. I rocked my ass up against him, trying to help him reach even deeper. His body crushed mine as his cock pounded hard into my dripping pussy. My pussy pulsed hard around him, needing him, wanting him harder, faster, deeper. My body tensed as I felt my orgasm growing. I couldn't hold it back. It was too urgent of a need, to fuck and be fucked. I felt my body tense, my insides swelling around his hard cock. My body starts to shake as I let go of all that passion built up inside me...


  1. I think I heard a collective sigh of relief over the internet yesterday. Congrats!!!