Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Question For You

I love to know about the people. Especially the ones that read my blog. I would like to set up a few questions, you can respond here or my email but please take the time to answer. If it works out I will have new questions next week. It seems everyone's blog has something they like to do on a weekly basis so maybe this will be mine. we go

1. Tell me a little about you. How you go into D/s or what makes you curious about the lifestyle?

2. Do you have a blog of your own? If I do not already have it listed on the right please send me your link.

3. Can you remember how you found my blog? And how long have you been following?

Ok...that's it for now. Its up to you. Have a great day


  1. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I am sure it was through one of the others I have listed on my page. I found it comforting that you were so close to where I am in S Florida.
    My blog is thesubmissivebf.
    I have always known I was submissive but it wasn't until last year that I decided, screw it I am going to find someone to dominate me. I posted several ads and kissed a lot of frogs (bull frogs).
    But I also wanted a relationship, the golden goose so to speak.
    After searching I have found a wonderful man and things are going well. We are exploring new things all the time.

  2. I'll answer your questions via email (you already know most . . that's a good thing!), but I remember where and when I discovered your blog!
    I was in Costa Rica on a golf trip w/buddies and I I found your posting on CL believe it or not!
    About two years ago +/- and I've been thanking my lucky stars ever since! You are a keeper!

  3. please email me at and tell me where you are at if your comfertable in doing that.

    Chat soon

  4. 1. Who knows? I like the feeling of power, I like it when my lizard is a good girl and submits to me, which she does any time I make her. I'm not so much of a sadist, I'm more interested in raw power. I do like a good spanking, and I like to push her to the edge and a little beyond, but it's more for the power than the hurt.

    2. You already know about that one!

    3. I can't remember, but I know all my contacts are either people who commented on my blog, people who were following me and whose blogs I liked, or people who were followers on someome else's blog, and I looked at their site and liked it. But though I can't remember HOW I found your site, I'm glad I did find it!

  5. Hey Carrie, just read my fet profile for the answer to number 1. As for how I found you're blog I can't remember. It had to be through another blog or maybe you found mine first and I backtracked to you.


  6. 1.I'm submissive by nature. I learned early on in our marriage that I liked to be spanked. I can't even remember how I knew! But he rarely did it, maybe a smack or two occassionally during sex. It was only a few years ago, when I was looking for spanking porn online, that I found all this other stuff and went "WOW, that's ME!!" And we've been figuring it out ever since.

    2. Are you following my blog? I think you are.

    3. I'm sure I found you through other bloggers. Can't remember how I found most of the people I now love to read; it was mostly just clicking through other blogs and following those I enjoyed.