Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinking of You

I often wonder what you look like, sitting there at your computer, reading my blog.

Do you read me at work? That intrigues me - the idea that you'd read an explicit sex blog while at work, your excitement at reading my words presumably intensified by the wickedness of it all, of dipping into my blog when there's a chance of being discovered, of being caught reading, sexually aroused, deliciously erect. Maybe you fantasize about what might happen if someone caught you . Do you masturbate right there at your desk? Maybe you read enough to arouse you, and then find somewhere relatively private where you can bring yourself to a orgasm. Is that what you do? I'd love to know.

Maybe you have a laptop - do you read my blog in bed? Do you take me to bed with you? Do you imagine I'm there in bed with you, caressing you, touching you, stroking you, fucking you? Do you lay down when you're reading? Do you lay back and masturbate as you read my words, finding just what you need to take you there, cuming gorgeously. Do you think about me, thinking about your cock deep inside me, wanting to cum deep and hard in my pussy, filling me up, spurting all your cum again and again inside me. I wonder about these things - it turns me on deliciously to imagine you, thinking about you reading, thinking about how aroused you are.

Maybe, like me, you have a computer at your desk at home. Are you alone when you read my blog? Or do you have a partner, maybe you read secretly when she's out, or in bed, bringing yourself as quietly as you can to an intense orgasm, hoping you won't be discovered? Or maybe you live alone, or have your own private room, and can lazily explore the archives as long as you like, getting yourself hotter and hotter, until you cum, hard, any way you want to. Is that what you do? Are you naked at your computer .

I'd love to discover you like that. I'd love to find you there, wanting me, needing me, masturbating gorgeously, reading my words, touching yourself. I'd want to watch you play, to watch you cum... loving how good you look, loving how my words turn you on.

I'd love to bend over your sofa right now... maybe tying my wrists behind my back, my skirt up around my waist, and you'd thrust your cock deep inside me from behind, your cock sliding all the way into my dripping wet pussy. You'd be so turned on from reading my words, from being discovered masturbating - maybe you'd want it rough - I know you like to think about that sometimes.

I love that...I love know how I turn you on. Please let me know how your feeling when you read my words. i need to know as it helps me bring myself to pleasure.


  1. I read your blog while I'm at my desk at work, and often your hot delicious writing makes my cock hard. I never worry about being caught though, because I have my own office.

    I like it rough too. And I like making my hot lizard bend over the bed with her hands tied above her head, lying on her stomach as I slap her ass and probe her wet juicy pussy with two fingers. She is always so wet. She wears her collar every night now, and is a good girl for me. Then I spank her ass until it gets a slight shade of red, occasionally fucking her with my fingers, then slapping a few more times. Then I get the KY out and lube her ass, and insert a finger up her ass as well. She doesn't like it, but she says nothing, because she is a good girl. I continue to slap her ass, and insert my now rock hard cock into her pussy. As I do so, your hot fuck stories come to mind, and I fuck her hard, imagining you are watching us and playing with yourself.

    I have a fantasy of seeing my lizard with another woman. I suppose a full-on menage a trois would be fun, but my interest is more in watching her getting her pussy licked out by another woman, watching her breasts and nipples licked and sucked by another woman.

    Anyway, just some thoughts for you!

  2. I read your blog at home or school. Kara will read it at home and work (she works at our school). Never did anything naughty while reading it, but next time you post one of those sexy stories of yours I'll keep it in mind ;)

    ~Jess XXXOO~

  3. While I've never done anything physical to myself while reading your blog, that's not to say it hasn't affected me physically . . way too many times your writings have done just the opposite! As you know too well, you've inspired my writings as well.

  4. At work and home. I've my own office but need to calm myself before venturing out. At home I grab secret, exciting peeks. Your writing inspires me to explore Chloe's needs and wants.

    Keep up the good work.