Monday, January 3, 2011

Tid Bits

Happy 2011... Hope you all had a fun and safe weekend. Mine was good. Went to a little New Years Eve party. I think my daughter found her first boyfriend there. His name is Zack and they are both 13. He seems sweet and wicked (almost scary) smart. They go to different schools and don't live real close to each other...I bring this up because I will have some control on what is going on with them. LOL

I went to the movie over the weekend. I saw Black Swan. And I can believe this was nominated for Best Picture this year. It is a story you don't really expect going into it. I am sure most think it is a movie about a ballet dancer but there is something deeper going on. I dont want to give away the plot but it is truly a sexual, who's in on it, type thriller. I loved this is dark and sexy. I walked out of there feeling so horny. (Kara and Jesse, I know you will like it)

Besides from that I have a little news from the home front. I have been keeping it quite for a little time now. But I have been seeing someone. He is nice and respectful. He has been following my blog for a long time now and I hope he is everything that I think he is. I am not sure what name I am going to call him here. (any suggestions are welcome) So just thought I would share that information with all of you.

Love you all...


  1. Enjoy that control over your daughter now, because in a few years you will wonder where it went.
    Congratulations on your new relationship!!

  2. congrats on meeting someone. I hope things work out for you. I hope he is close by!!!