Thursday, October 20, 2011

Answer To My Dream Post

I do not usually post twice in one day but after receiving this email about my dream post, I just had to post the email here. I think this is my answer...

I did work several years
for a well know psychotherapist
When a relatively clear dream about a death, ( rather than one of
those mumbo jumbo dreams where every second something pops up and is non-recognizable) occurs, it is usually quite simple for interpretation. In your case, because of what I have
read in your blog about your ex-boyfriend coupled with bits of
info from you, your dream falls into the classic category, and
is simple to analyze.

Your dream very likely shows the awakening of a new life. Your
dead child was there because your mind needed to wake up
the presents of grief and fear. That dream and the emotions
attached to it was to show that you are becoming alive again,
enough to feel the grief and pain. In coming alive enough to
feel your emotions, you were feeling the pain of death.

I know this sounds complicated, so I'll be more specific. Your
complete severance with your ex-boyfriend imposed an emotional upheaval. You once loved him deeply and even today
there remains not only the memory, but still a bit of attachment,
which is normal. All these deep feelings were denied and buried
deep in your unconscious mind, and it decided to help you find
the experience, the feelings of grief, so that you can be totally
fresh and alive again to have happiness in the future.

In the dream your child who is really 6yrs
old, was presented to be 2yrs old, which was the length of the

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  1. That's deep, I stand corrected! lol