Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best / Worst Date Ever

Its Thursday night, 4:30…Im driving to the hotel where I plan on meeting Master C. I have been anticipating this night for a month. I can’t wait. It is starting to rain but no big deal except no one in Florida knows how to drive in the rain. So I valet the car check into my room. I get there about 20 minutes before Master C so I can get dressed and ready for him.

So I take off my clothes…all but my new G string panties that Master C bought me. I put on my short school girl skirt, my low cut blouse and my prep school jacket. I have my white knee high socks on and black heels. It was a night of role play. I have never done that and it was a lot of fun. In this fantasy he tried things I was not comfortable with and I tried to keep his hands from touching me. Things got a bit forceful and a little rough. Lets just say that he climaxed inside me and it was great. I had such a blast.

The rain and thunder were getting louder outside. We were staying in a hotel right on the beach. I had to pick up my daughter but we planned on coming back So Master C and I went down to lobby to the valet. I knew this was going to be trouble when the first floor lobby was flooded. When the valet pulled the car up the water was passed my knees. So I get in the car and start driving…the streets were so bad. Cars were stalled all over the place. I have a minivan so I was very nervous. I was on the phone with Master C who was in a huge truck telling him I think he might have to come get me. The steering in my car kept going out and the car smelled like it was on fire. Don’t ask me how but my car made it.

The saddest news is we never made it back to the hotel. I could not risk getting stuck. I called the hotel to check out over the phone…and to their surprise they are going to find a school girl outfit and a

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