Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Missed Life

Two Beautiful Horses

Over the weekend I had a yard sale. I decided to sell all my old horse equipment. I grew up riding horses and later trained them. I would ride for hours, 6 days a week. I loved it. I loved being in control of such large animals with such little movement coming from me. That was the goal… move as little as possible but gain much control of the horses every move. There were times I would just relax on my favorite gray named Fritz. We were in such sync with each other. He would be out in an open field and when he would see me he would walk up to the fence and with out a bridle or rope I would just hop on his back and ride him with only the touch from my legs giving him direction. He was wonderful. I miss riding a lot. Anyone who raises horses or who are around them knows how great that relationship is.

Now I know I talk about having control in this post and that is true when it comes to horses but it my life now I dream of being the submissive one. And I feel for the most part I am but like any animal the wild side does come out in me and I am disciplined for it. ;-) I need Master C to come home from LA before I start to get a little wild. Then again I think he might like to discipline me.

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