Friday, December 11, 2009

Master C Is Home....

A text message  flashes on my phone stating “meet me in the park” My heart skips a beat. Master C's plane had landed and he was around the corner waiting for me. I slip on my shoes and run out the door. It was late and the park was dark. I walk though the park when I hear his voice. “Hey, over here” I walked toward him; he grabbed me by the waist, kissed my lips. I melted in his arms as he held me. It didn’t take long before I was on my knees undoing his pants and holding his cock in my hands. My mouth was watering for him. I have been waiting for him to come home for so long. I take his cock in my mouth and working my hands and mouth up and down his shaft. He is getting harder by the second. I can feel him pulsating, he is about to cum. I can feel myself getting wetter. As Master C reaches climax I can feel myself getting closer to my own O. Then I feel his warm thick cum rushing down my throat.

I look into his eyes as I stand up and I thank Master C for his gift.

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