Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

I am house sitting for my mother this week. She and my dad are on a cruise. So I was looking around the garage at some of my old riding equipment. I had horses growing up and later trained them. Anyway, I came across an old riding crop. It was long and blue with a flat tip with a soft grip handle.

So a little later on Master C came over. I showed him what I found and he gave this little grin and told me to bend over. As much as it excited me, it soon became very painful. I was still bruised from the night before. Every wack was more painful then the last. Master C, I think, realized this and didn’t go on much further. Maybe next time it will be more playful and more pleasurable. But for now I will have to wait. Master C is traveling again this morning and wont be back until next week.

Once again this will be my last post until Monday. I love these short work weeks. Happy New Year and I hope this up coming year will be better then last.

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