Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Letter to the Submissive Mistress

Sometimes I get the sweetest emails from my followers that I just have to post it.

You have been providing your readers/followers with inspiration, wild imagination, and detailed accounts of your Submissive Journey for nigh on to two months now. Your blog has become a regular part of my routine.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the pulse and wild openness and willingness to share your experiences with this medium.
You have inspired me to dare to be more ambitious and adventurous in my relationships with Submissive Females. I daresay it appears to be much easier for a Submissive Female to move in and out of relationships than it is for Dom Males.
That being said, it has been really appealing to get the take of your experiences with such firsthand bravado and willingness to try experiences that may not be just any Gal's cup of tea.
I openly empathize when you say how bored you are to not have the advantage of being in the same state or domicile as your Master. I hope that the New Year brings you great joy, bearable pain and pleasure as you move on to a new and freer life.
It amazes me what you juggle daily and I am heartened by your infallible unflappable spirit.
If this makes you smile you are welcome to post it. I love what you do and what you share with us. What a Prize you are.

Mike on New England Seacoast

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