Monday, December 14, 2009


 I have been dieting for quite some time. And it is really hard around the holidays. So Master C thought he would give me an incentive… I figure it would be a gift….a reward that would motivate me to work hard on my goal.

So all I have to do is lose 10 pounds by December 25th. I had 1 month to do it. But instead of a wonderful gift I will receive 100 swats for every 1 pound I am over my 10 pound goal. OMG that is major motivation. I have 5 pounds to go. I am exercising and starving to death but I am going to do it. If not I will lose that weight by my ass weathering away from all the punishment I will be getting.

I would ask for your help in achieving my goal but I am sure most of you want to hear how I had to bend over and take it...shame on you all!!

1 comment:

  1. Loved your last 2 posts.....the former with Master C's cum rushing down your throat. And about that weight loss......I'm sure you'll come up a pound or so short on your goal (maybe on purpose?) just so your sexy bottom gets a good spanking and working over.....that delicious mix of pleasure/pain will be just too hard to resist....with some attention paid to your yearning asshole as well following the "swatting."