Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Evening At The Beach

Master C suggested we pick up some sandwiches and eat them on the beach. I readily agreed. We drove down A1A and found a parking place on the Hollywood Boardwalk –not difficult we were the only car. We walked over the boardwalk onto the beach with our dinner. It was windy, the waves crashing, not much moonlight so it was pretty dark in that area of the beach. We walked to a lifeguard shack and sat on the deck. A few couples walked past, but the beach was pretty deserted. I’ve seen it a lot busier with shadowey figures making out, but tonight we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

As we ate our sandwiches, I asked Master C to tell me about some of his sexy dates. As he described them, we were both getting hot. I could feel my nipples getting hard, and soon we were kissing. Master C was rock hard as I was feeling his cock through his pants. Then I stood up, pulled off my jeans and stood in front of him with just my see though shirt and black thong panties. Master C’s back was against the shack wall, I stood over him, he pulled my thong down and he started to lick my clit….pulling me into him closely. He has two fingers inside my pussy and one in my ass… he sucks on my clit until I cum. I am moaning and running my fingers though his hair – standing there half naked on the lifeguard stand was so exciting. I am soaking wet, if anyone was passing they were sure to hear us, making it all that more exciting.

After I came again, I pulled down Master C’s pants and began to suck his hard cock. …I then stood up and maneuvered around and he pulled me in close to him. He motioned me to bend over and he begins to lick my asshole and fucking me with his fingers. I am pushing my ass into his face. I am loving the sensation of his tongue back there… I then squatted down on his cock. His back still against the wall, I move up and down and feeling the juices running outside of me. Master C has his hands under my shirt, feeling my breasts and helping me keep my balance on him. I am cumming and so is he. What an evening of excitement and giving each of us a story to tell.

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