Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am not sure why Kevin's emails turn me on but this is part of a story  (that he says is true) that he wrote me. 

She was a tall redhead. Blue eyes and freckles.

She knew I was rough, She knew I was kinky. I demanded she come prepared to play.
She wasn't wearing what I told her to wear, So I made her undress in the parking lot and redress properly. Only about 20 yards from the highway.
From there, we checked into a sleazy motel. I wanted to be sure we were in place with windows open to the outside.
As additional punishment, I had her suck my cock off in the doorway.

With me standing in the doorway, she was guided to her knees. Considering I had opened her dress on the way to the room, I didn't think she would want to stay on outside long. So when I said suck, she was ready.
I guided her head over my cock. Gently at first. Enough to get me nice and stiff. But once hard, and without notice, I grabbed her mane of red and slammed fucked her throat. Her eyes popped, tears started to well, a drop or two down her cheeks. Mercy was not about to happen and she realized that quickly.
A slight noise caught my attention and looking out I noticed a couple across the parking lot leaning against what I assume to be their car. She was grabbing his arm so tight I thought she would tear it from the socket. At once, they both realized I had caught them looking and smiled at me. Now that I knew we had an audience, it was time to take things to a new level.
With her still outside the door, I grabbed her dress. Pulling it off her head and tossing it aside. Only then was she allowed in the room.. My first act was to open the curtains. I knew our onlookers would come closer. I was not disappointed.
Taking a position on the bed with her back to the window, She eagerly went back to sucking my cock. I would change pace every time I got close to cumming.
I checked often on the gazers at the window. When I was ready, I nodded to them and told her I was going to bust all over her face.. At that last moment, I turned us sideways, pulled my shaft from her mouth and unleashed a stream from forehead to chin. That first stream only landed on her. All the rest she drank down as if were starving for protein.

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