Monday, March 1, 2010

Giving Credit To My Master

This post is for my Master. I promised him I would give him credit for such a wonderful Friday night. Master C asked me to be dressed in a teddy and he would meet me up in my bedroom. And after I undressed him and got into bed I started to get to work on his cock. I say that because he knows how I love to make his soft cock hard in my mouth and watching and feeling it grow. I believe I am getting to know Master C’s body and what turns him on the most and I used every trick in the book to keep him hard for as long as possible. And I am not kidding when I say he lasted hours. He is able to get himself right to the edge of cuming and then he is able to stop. This only makes me crave him more. And after I cam 11 times (That is what he counted because I lost count) he than cam. He must have fucked me in every possible way. I loved it.

I would like to thank you Master C. It was a wonderful and very hot night. Every night you come over is so over whelming. I crave for you more and more each time we are together.

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