Monday, March 29, 2010

Wild Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that left you breathless? That is what happened to me last night. I do not usually remember my dreams nor are they very erotic but last night took the cake. I will tell you about it as I remember it but you know how dicey dreams can be.

I was in my living room reading my book when my front door opened and Master C  with a riding crop and a back pack came in and told me to stand up. I obeyed of course and walked over to him. He pointed for me to head to my bedroom. (Up the stairs) As I headed that way he was hitting my ass with the crop. OUCH! “Don’t say a word” he told me in a very demanding voice. As we ventured into my bedroom he started barking out orders to get undressed and to bend over my bed. I did as he asked and that is where he was pulling out objects that I could not see from his bag. First came the hand cuffs. Pinned my hands behind my back. Then I felt a vibrator up my ass, his cock deep inside me. I was unable to move…Then WACK with the crop. Harder and harder. So much was going on at one time that I wasn’t sure if I should be enjoying it or crying over the pain that I was feeling. This went on forever it seemed.

Then I hear him on the phone ordering a pizza. A few minutes later he answered the door with his crop in one hand and the pizza guy next to him. Master C told me to pay the man. “I have no money Sir”

“Then you must pay him in other ways, get back upstairs”

“Yes Sir”

I was pushed to my knees, in front of the half naked pizza man. Performing oral and gagging on his cock. He cam quickly. Thinking that would be it I stood up, when he told me he was going to fuck me. Oh my…This pizza better be worth it.

(Skipping ahead) Master C came up to the room. Full from eating pizza and drinking beer. He was ready to watch. Or so I thought…I found myself in the middle of a threesome. Back and forth giving oral as I’m being fucked at the same time. Everyone seemed satisfied and began to watch a movie on the TV. Acting as thou nothing happened.

I think some of my followers stories are starting to get to me. I woke up about 4am unable to get back to sleep. Feeling worn out. Does this happen to you?

Master C, when are you coming home? I don't think I can handle any more dreams like these.

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