Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cum for Me

I've been thinking about you. Wondering about you really. You intrigue me, you arouse me, you make me wet knowing that you're so close. Just a small distance away, only separated by this screen. It sends shivers through me, to know you could be reading at the same time I am. That you could be masturbating with me as our eyes follow the words. That your hand is matching my rhythm as we touch ourselves.

Do you wonder about me? Do you feel the same way? It's so vivid. I can imagine you there, your hand slowly stroking yourself, arousing yourself while you read. I do want to be there. I want to watch you... I want you to watch me. Voyeurs together. Would you want that? Do you want to see my fingers on my clit? My hand around my breast, pinching my nipple? Do you want to see the way my back arches? The look on my face when I cum? I want to look into your eyes to know you're watching me. I want to watch your movements, your hand moving against yourself, the arching of your back, hear the small noises you make as you bring yourself closer.

Just thinking about this has me touching myself. I've slid my hand down into my panties letting my fingers drift over me softly. I'm already wet. You arouse me so very much. My fingers slide down my slit, spreading my wetness. I can't believe how wet you have me, how aroused my body is. I'm sliding them back up, back and forth, rubbing my velvety lips with my fingertips. I’m so wet. Pushing a finger slowly inside me... I need this so much. Stroking myself with it, rubbing the way I like. I wish you could see me, hear me...

Tell me, tell me you're masturbating with me, tell me how good it feels, arouse me more, I need to hear you telling me that you're close too, that you want to cum too. I need to touch my clit... I want to keep typing but I don't know if I can. It's too much, I want to cum for you. I want you to know how much I need that... I’m, so fucking close now, my breath is ragged... I need my vibe. I'm taking it out of the drawer, letting it rub against my wetness, coating it with my juices. Up and down, rubbing it against me. god, pushing it inside me... pushing you inside me... so thick and full, filling me. That's what I needed, so close now. Pushing it deep inside me, thrusting into my pussy, fucking myself with it. My thumb on my clit, rubbing it hard, yes, circling it around and around... fuck, yes... thrusting it harder, faster, I need to cum. Tell me you want me to cum... please I need to hear it from you, to hear your voice telling me to cum for you...

Oh, that's it, the heat's moving through me, I can feel it between my thighs. A radiating heat growing in me, building, pulsing... I can feel it flushing up my neck, up to my face. Rubbing faster, that's it, there, now, I'm going to cum now, cum with me, please, I want you to cum with me, oh yeah….

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  1. Ohhh lil one . . if only I was the fantasy of this post! I for one enjoy the passion you bring and you'd be better a phone sex than you know! At least I'd enjoy finding out! OMG that was hot!
    Now how am I ever going to be able to focus on work????? You deserve a firm spanking - roll over!