Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love to Watch

This is a fantasy that I have had many times but unfortunately I have been unable to see come true in front of me…

I decided to take a walk though one of the county parks. It was a bit cooler today, perfect for being outside. I headed out to the park to pick up the nature trail that winds through the woods in the center of the park. Today is a perfect day to walk, the breeze is soft and gentle as it drifts over me, cooling my sweat and making me smile. The trail isn't crowded yet, thank goodness. It was nice to have the park to myself. There's movement up ahead. I hope it's a deer, I love watching them. Picking up my speed a bit, I walk towards the movement I caught. Nope, no deer. I slow down my pace again. Wait. There is something there though. I slow down more and peer through the trees. It's two people. The man has the woman backed up to a tree. I can see his hands roaming all over her body. Her arms are around his neck, her lips pressing frantically against his. Wow. I move into the woods a bit further, careful not to make any noise. I kneel down and look through the brush.

I can see the man clearer now. He's tall, dark haired and looks as though he has a fabulous body. She is petite with blond hair, great legs and a cute face. His hands are in her hair now. They are going at each other like it's the last time they'll ever see each other. He roughly pushes up her skirt to reveal a pair of gorgeous legs. His hand moves up her leg to the inside of her thighs. I can see her head go back as his hand makes contact with her. Her hands reach around to cup his ass and pull him closer. Watching them is making me squirm… I really should move on, but I can't help but watch the erotic scene unfold before me. I can feel myself getting turned on, my panties getting wet. The man has his lips on her neck now. I can see him biting her. I can hear her ragged breath as his hand rubs her cunt frantically. Her leg is moving up and wrapping around him, her hands are roaming, clawing, scratching at his back. He suddenly releases her and drops to his knees. Oh God! He buries his face in her pussy. I can see her face clearly now. Her ecstasy is clearly visible. Her hands are in his hair, pushing his face into her… I move my hand down the front of my shorts, my fingers starting to rub against my clit. Part of me still thinks I should leave, but the other, more powerful part of me knows I want to see them, hear them, be with them. I push my fingers down further to finger my own pussy. I'm so wet. I slip a finger inside me, hmmmm… it feels so good. I pull my finger out and trail my juices up my slit back to my clit. Circling it. Rubbing it.

She is having trouble standing now. I can see his tongue flicking at her clit. His hand is pushing his fingers inside her. He's pumping at her, fucking her with his fingers. I can see her trembling… My fingers start working in the same rhythm as his, bringing my own orgasm closer. Suddenly her head goes back as she stifles a cry and cums hard against him. He is lapping at her juices on her thighs when she pulls him up to her. I hear her utter the words, "Fuck me."… God, that's what I wanted to hear. My body is shaking and I'm so close now. My fingers work at my clit harder and I have to put a hand out to steady myself. He kisses her hard and then turns her around so her breasts are pressed up against the tree. He pushes her skirt up further and takes the time to admire her ass… I find myself doing the same thing. One hand wanders over her and the other hand tugs at his zipper. He pulls his hard cock out and strokes himself. She's writhing against the tree, needing to be taken. He suddenly moves forward and with one thrust, pushes himself into her waiting pussy. She can't stifle the cry this time. He grabs her hips and pulls her into him, hard. His hands then reach around and cup her breasts. I can see him pinching her nipples through her shirt. His thrusts are getting faster. I know he can't last. I know he's going to cum soon. His hand moves down her belly to her clit again. I can see his hand move against her. She's moaning… I can't hold it back any longer. I'm going to cum. It's almost as if they sense it too because he groans loudly and thrusts harder, I know he's cumming inside her… That's it. I can't hold it back now. I close my eyes and feel the rush of heat shoot through me. My pussy pulsing, juices flowing from me, I gasp for breath and desperately try to stifle any sounds. I look up just in time to see her cum again.


  1. Ooh, you are a naughty girl. Delicious!

  2. Thanks for sharing, it will take me at least 20 minutes to get up from my desk without 'pitching a tent'...ugh...:)