Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Time We Meet...Part 2

You drag my head up by my hair and kiss me hard, tasting yourself on my lips. You push me back toward the bed and onto it. I watch you as you strip off your clothes. You kneel over me on the bed, kissing me again as you rip my own clothes off of me. In a second we're both naked, exposed to each other. Your hands wander over me, taking in every curve. I lie back and feel the sensations running through me. I close my eyes as I feel your tongue lick my thigh. I part them for you. I quiver as your tongue works its way up my legs. I know what you want from me. I feel your hot breath on my pussy and I hold my breath in anticipation. I've been aching for you to do this. Then I feel it and gasp. Your tongue slides across my clit. My hips can’t help but move up to meet your mouth. So exquisite. You run your tongue over me again and I let a groan escape. My hands move to your head and I run my fingers through your hair. I feel your fingers probing my wetness, they slide in so easily. Your tongue is assaulting my clit now. You do that so well. I don't know how long I'm going to last. I can feel your fingers sliding in and out of me, fucking me. I can't take this. I need you inside me.

"Fuck me," are the first words you hear me utter. I feel you moan into my clit. You move up my body kissing me. You settle for a moment at my breasts, taking a nipple into your mouth, savoring it. I arch my back to you, needing this, all of this. "Please," I whisper. My pussy needs you. My body needs you. You move up further and I can feel the head of your cock at my pussy. It's what I need. And you thrust inside me. God! I arch my back again at the pleasure. You've filled me, completely. You lean your head down and kiss my lips as you begin to stroke your cock in and out of me, thrusting hard. So, so good. I wrap my legs up and around you, lifting my hips to meet your thrusts. It's too much. I'm so close, so fucking close. Your hard cock is merciless, pounding into me. You thrust faster. I know you're close. My pussy is squeezing around your cock, squeezing each time you thrust into me. I can feel you pulsing. I want your cum. God. I need your cum. I need you to shoot it inside me, filling me. I'm so close to the edge. A few more thrusts, god, yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel my pussy pulsing around you? I can't stop it. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum all over your cock. It hits me, hard. The sensations plow through me, so powerful. I'm cumming hard, so fucking hard. You can't hold it back. You feel me cumming around you and you begin to throb. You groan my name as you shoot your hot gift inside me. We convulse together. Pulsing hard. I can feel our wetness on my thighs, on your balls, on your cock. You're still throbbing, cumming and cumming. My thighs are locked around you, my pussy milking you. Breathless, you kiss me again and smile. Your cock still moving inside me, still hard, you look down at me and smile.


  1. I shouldn't have red this at work! LOL!

  2. Whew! I am exhausted . . now lick me clean my pet, and savor what we've created. I know you luv this part and I need to know you appreciate the thought of cleaning me thoroughly. Mmmmm.
    If not, I will have to teach your clit a lesson . . where's my riding crop! lol