Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Night's Fantasy

Late last night I was so very horny…so before I fell asleep I came up with this little fantasy and played with myself before I went to bed. I hope you all enjoy it as mush as I did.

Its my first night at the club. The owner believed my fake ID that I was 21 in reality I’m barley 18. I am sitting in front of the mirror nervous but excited that in a moment every man in the club is going to worship me. I am wearing purple hot pants and matching thong with a sparkly glitter bra. I have never wore clothes such as these with an extreme amount of makeup but the others girls say I look great and very sexy. My nerves are getting the best of me and I need to calm down so I decided I needed a drink. "Shot of tequila please."

The bartender looked at me "Here's a double..good luck"

I drank it down as fast as I could. The taste of fire sliding down my throat... What was I thinking. I needed to get back stage, I go on next. The girls gave me the stage name Diamond and the next think I know I hear the announcer telling the audience "Let Welcome a First timer ...Diamond to the Staaaage" I walk out, The Rolling Stones are playing, I start to dance. I have no experience with the pole but I walked over to it and held on to it as I wiggled my ass in front of a cheering crowed. The tequila must be kicking in as I feel very sexy and confident in myself. There were a group of frat boys sitting on the right side of the stage. I crawled over to them and got on my knees as I stated to peel off my hot pants. The boys really liked me, I feel great. The men are throwing money all over the stage, begging me to come dance for them. The frat boys are getting very rowdy and the next thing I knew I was being pulled off the stage. I started to fight when I heard this angry voice, " Your coming home with me right now young lady!" Shit its my wicked older step brother.

"Put me down I’m not a child!" I screamed

"The hell your not" says Don

The owner walks over and says " If the lady wishes not to go with you, you must leave her along and then you need to leave"

"Do you know that she just turned 18? So if you don’t let me take her from here now, I will call the police and let them know that you no only employed her but you served alcohol to a minor" Then you yanked my arm as you dragged me out of the club and into your car. "I am taking you to the frat house to teach you a lesson before I bring you home to your mother"

"You cant do this" I screamed

"Either we do this my way or I will take you home and explain to your mother what you have been up to this evening"

"No, please don’t do that" I pleaded

"Not another word from you"

"Yes Sir"

We pulled up to the house and you opened my door and grabbed my hand. You lead me into the house and up to the bathroom. you grabbed a washcloth and soap and scrubbed the makeup off my face.

"OWWW! Your hurting me"

"This is nothing to the pain your going to feel in a moment"

"What are you talking about?" screaming at him

Very calmly you say "Get down stairs before the guys get home"

You go get an oversized shirt from your room as you walked with me to the downstairs den. "Put this on over your fancy bra"

I do as you asked.. We are in the den looking at the fire place. Above the fire place is a large paddle that the frat boys use when a new member was accepted in the fraternity. I looked at you with large eyes "You won't dare"

"Oh yes...turn around take off your bottoms and place you hands on the seat of the sofa" You grab the paddle

I gasp in horror "Your my brother you cant do this"

"I’m your step brother and I’m doing this out of love and concern for your safety"

I turn around and took off the hot pants and thong I was wearing. The shirt he gave me laid just past my ass but when I bend over I know it will provide no protection.

"I’m going to burn these" And you threw them into the fireplace. " I am going to punish by applying 5 wacks for each offence. #1 Possession of fake ID, #2 underage drinking, and #3 public lewdness"

15 wacks of the paddle. How am I going to take that. I can’t show you I’m scared nor can I cry. I will show you that you can’t hurt me and I can take it. I bend over placing my hands on the seat of the sofa. The shirt you gave me rides up over my ass. I am so embarrassed but I need to be strong. I can not let you think you won.

WACK ( I yelped) WACK (I can feel the tears welling up inside me) WACK WACK WACK (the tears are running down my face) WACK WACK WACK ( I lost count, how many more?) WACK WACK WACK WACK (my ass is on fire) WACK WACK WACK ( Please be done, Please be done)

"Stand up"

I did it. I know I have tears running down my face but I didn’t yell out in pain. I didn’t beg him to stop. My ass is stating to feel numb.

"Do you understand why I had to do this?"

"Yes Sir".. you handed me the paddle and told me to hang it back on the wall.

"Get in the car"

"But I have no pants on"

" That really is not my problem. You can go home in my shirt and return it to me when I see you next"

Embarrassed, I thank you..


  1. You really have a wicked imagination. For my own selfish reasons (because your writing is so good) I hope you don't find a boyfriend any time soon, but for your sake, I hope you do so he can do as he likes with you.

    By the way, if you are ready I have another challenge for you, but not as hard as the last one. Actually I have a few more in my scheming mind.

  2. I know when I am not getting regular sex I tend to come up with these wicked stories. lol

    I would be up for a challenge for next friday...What do you have in mind?

  3. Simple--no underwear.

    And have a great weekend thinking about it. Hopefully you will masturbate to a fantasy of some ravaging sex with me. Imagine I work in the next office down from yours and know you have no panties on, and the excitement is making my cock hard all day, and I'm stroking it as I sit at my desk.

  4. I like this one! Sounds like a fantasy to turn into reality (or close!). Like the riding crop 'spanking' for catching you masturbating without asking first . . mmmmmmmm

  5. Tom... I will take you up on that task later in the week.

    Mav... You have the dirtest mine I know. Always thinking of how to make my fantasies a bit more crazier.