Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The First Time We Meet...Part 1

I'm standing outside your door. It's the anticipation that's keeping me from knocking. How will it be when we finally meet? We've been waiting for this day. We've both been wanting it so much. I suck in my breath and let it our slowly. I knock and wait. It seems like ages, time has stood still. I hear the doorknob turn and watch the door swing open.

There you are.
I step into the room.
No words are spoken.

The tension between us is too much. I step forward you kiss me, hard. I return the kiss, passionately. I hear you swing the door shut behind me. My hands are all over you. It's too much and not enough. Your hands are in my hair, around the back of my neck pulling me to you. My hands on you. I need you. You push me back against the wall behind us, hard. You groan into my mouth. My hands move to your shirt. They wander underneath, up and over your chest. Your skin feels so good. I feel your hands under my sweater, moving up my back, pulling me tighter to you. I breathe you in as your lips move down my neck, tasting me. My hands move down and slip into the waistband of your jeans. I push them down in and over your ass. I can't wait. I want you. I let my hands slip back out and meander to the front of your jeans. I rub you through them, your cock already hard. I feel your hands running over my breasts, cupping them. We both have a sense of urgency, almost as if we wait, everything will just disappear, that it was just a dream.

I undo the button and pull down your zipper. My hands reach inside your boxers and I grasp your cock. I've been wanting this, to feel you like this. Your cock is so erect, so hard. I wrap my cool fingers around you and stroke you gently. I can feel you responding to my touch. You moan softly into my skin as your own hands undo my jeans. Your hands slip inside, slipping down my slit. I feel your fingers moving into my pussy, feeling my growing wetness. My knees go weak as you find my clit. We stand there, masturbating each other as our mouths reconnect. Your tongue slides into my mouth. I kiss you back, greedily. My hand on your cock is moving faster. I need to taste you.

I break our kiss and move to my knees. You help me pull your jeans down. I see you, so erect. My tongue flicks out and I taste you. I've been wanting to taste you for so long. I let my tongue drag up the length of your shaft. I hear you suck in your breath. Mmmm, you taste so fucking good. I let my lips glide over the head of your cock, barely brushing it. Then in one move I pull you into my mouth, deep. I take your full length into my mouth and suck you. I feel your hands move into my hair as you lean back into the wall. I've been wanting this, your cock in my mouth. Sucking you has me so incredibly aroused. I can feel my wetness soaking my panties. I reach down with my hand and slip it into my jeans, touching myself as I suck you. I can feel your cock pulsing now. You're not going to last like this. You know this too.


  1. Awesome. Looking forward to reading more of this blog.

  2. Im glad you like it. May I ask how you found my blog?

  3. I can not explain this . . but your depiction of my thoughts, my reactions is perfect. The library will never be the same! LOL