Monday, September 27, 2010

Sister Wives?

Ok last night I saw the new reality show called Sister Wives. Anyone else see this? Anyone else find it interesting? It is about the man who married a woman 20 years ago then shortly after married 2 others and between them they have 13 kids…and to top it off he is dating a woman with 3 kids who he wants to marry as well. They all live under one roof. There are jealousy issues and a strange dimensioned to the household.

As a man…would you be able to handle several wives? They seem like they are one big happy family but is it really? If you are interested in the show its on TLC Sunday night at 10:00.

So my thoughts about this weekend…As you all remember I have been seeing Sir for some time now. I don’t talk about him much on the blog because he doesn’t want to be a part of my stories. But I haven’t seen him in almost a month. I was sick, then he was sick, then there were family issues and so on and so on… Well last night we were going to meet. I briefly got a text message saying he was trying to come over if he can get a sitter (that was at 1:00)… 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 I heard nothing from him. OK…is it over? Why cant he just come out and tell me?

Is this the life of a single sub? I do my best to try and understand him and I take my role as a sub seriously but am I being taken advantage of? Do you have any advice for me?


  1. I think you need to have a serious talk with him about where the relationship is going.


  2. I agree with Florida Dom...I think you just need to have a talk with him and flat-out ask him if he feels it's over between you or not. If it's not, great; if it is, you'll be able to move on...but it's unfair to just leave you unsure and hanging like that.

  3. Thank you for the advice... I guess its over since I can't even get him to email or text me. Even if he wants to continue the relationship I should not be treated like this.