Friday, September 10, 2010

Feel Me

It's my turn. It's my time. I'm going to have what I want. I'm going to take it. I want you. I need you, right now. You're what I think about, who I think of. And I need you, now. I want to feel you against me. I want to feel your hot skin on mine. Let it go, just feel. Kiss me, hard. I need that. My fingers wind through your hair and pull you to me. Gasp into my mouth. Feel it. Feel my passion. Feel that I want you. Do you know just how much?

Let me strip you, completely. I want you naked. I want you mine, utterly and totally mine. Tell me you are. Kiss me again, passionately. Run your hands over me. Feel me. Pull me tight to your body. Feel my breasts crushing against you, my hard nipples against your chest. Your hard cock pushes against my belly and you make me want you more.

Wrap your arms around me and pull me to the bed. Fall back and let me land on top of you. Slide me astride you. Feel my wet pussy pressing against your cock. Arching back, I guide your hands to my breasts. Run your hands over them. Pinch my nipples, make me groan. Make my fingers dig into your chest. Sit up, pull my nipples into your mouth. Suck on them greedily. Make me writhe against you from the pleasure. Feel the heat between my thighs growing. Feel my wetness spreading over you. I push you back, suddenly. My mouth crushing yours, I lean over you. My hand finds your erect cock and I stroke it. Give in to me. Feel the sensations, feel my passion. Let it overtake you. Let me be your lover. I want to feel you eager for me.


  1. Many Doms/Master may have an issue with this. It's the thought or appearance that you are in control and not them. That you are moving away from your place as submissive, and trying to take charge. That you need to be controlled and have that when they say it is time.

    For me, under the right circumstances, I have no problem with it. I like knowing my sub has been pushed so far that she almost loses control she needs it so bad. I'm always in control, and can stop you any time I desire, but sometimes it's nice to feel needed yourself and that you have to have it. I view it more as showing me how much you are mine, and how much you need and desire me. How much you have to have what only I can give you and only the way I can make you feel.

    I even wrote a post a while back on a woman being on top and can that still be submissive. This made me think of that. I think even a sub can still be submissive and controlled even if she is on top.

    I like this post. It shows your need and desire. Very nice!


  2. I know how this post might sound but in my head I have these fantiasies of wanting. It is not how I would usualy play but the desire of having someone there, to have them want me with such desire is a great feeling


  3. I find this post exciting too, my viewpoint being that my submissive pet wishes to show her love and desire for me, showing the strength she feels for the passion that I give her from our relationship. A 'push back' so to speak that shows SHE desires me, needs me, wants me. Balance is important in a D/s relationship, and I would think this post speaks to Carrie's dedication to her Master. Come, my pet, show me your lust for my loyalty and dedication and ongoing training. In fact, lets take a drive! lol