Monday, February 14, 2011

A Great Love Story

OK Ladies...did you get sucked into watching sad love stories over the weekend like I did. There I was flipping though channels when one sad romantic movie after another was playing. I love a good love story but come eyes can't take anymore. Last night I watch "PS I love You" for the 20th time....and each time I ball my eyes out. What could be sweeter then to leave love notes for your wife after you die to help her cope with your passing. Does love like that really exist?

"You Got Mail" Here is a movie how the internet can create such strong feelings for each other before you ever get to meet in person. Then again it also point out how the person your talking to could be making up anything to get you to like them...LOL

Or how about "The Notebook" Written by my favorite author Nickolas Sparks. A story of summer love for two young people who had there up and downs and survived years apart from each other. In the end at the old age home where the husband reads to his wife who no longer can remember him wakes long enough to tell him she loves him then they die together lying next to each other in bed.

There are lots of movies that I love that I can not remember the names but who can forget...
"When a Man Loves a Woman"

"City of Angles"

"Dirty Dancing"


"Gone with the Wind"

OK...Enough boring you. I cant help but to get lost in a great movie.

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  1. I love all those sappy movies, it's all the good stuff without the details of everyday life. Happy Valentines Day!