Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Surprise Ending

Your look of surprise when you enter the door tells me I've done the right thing. I wasn't expected today and I rarely invade your home. You look at me lying on your bed and walk toward me. Your hands work at your clothes as you cross the hardwood floor. Fingers undo your tie and you toss it to the ground. Buttons are ripped as you tear off your shirt. You only stumble slightly as your pants and boxers come down. Realizing your shoes are in the way, you stop momentarily and yank them off your feet and shake off the rest of your clothing. Standing by the edge of the bed you wait and look at me. I let my eyes wander over your body. Your cock is already beginning to harden, the intensity of your anticipation has you aroused.

I smile and nod to you, shifting my position on the bed. You settle your knee down and the bed sinks gently. Hands follow and you crawl up the bed to me. Your lips touch my toes, softly bestowing kisses as you crawl forward. Your fingers caress my ankles and then up my calves. Your tongue licks my knees and a small groan emits from your throat when I spread my legs wider. Fingers knead my thighs. You inhale deeply, smelling the scent of my own arousal. You groan again and kiss the inside of my thighs. Your fingers clench my skin as you fondle my thighs with your mouth...

Now I know there are a few of you who can end this story for me. What happens next? give me a creative idea and maybe I will add it to the end of the story. I cant wait to hear from you...


  1. How about and just as his lips reach a little higher, the door opens and someone else walks in/

  2. Oh My....that would be excititng

  3. OK my pet, you for one know I can not resist such temptation! But just one ending? damn! lol