Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OK Sappy but Happy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story about the time I worked in the ER and a patient had died that I felt terrible guilt about...well last night, I was sitting at home tired of thinking about why I wasn't out having a good time on Valentines Day and I just had to feel better and I got to thinking of a story that happed to me that was good.

I believe it was about a week after Valentines Day several years ago when I was working in the Children's Emergency Room when a woman who spoke little English came in with her 2 girls, ages 4 and 6. The one girl had a rash so she wanted her to be seen. I (as a social worker) was asked to sign off on the girl because the mother had no ID. This happens a lot and usually because the parent is an illegal. The hospital doesn't care. We cant refuse to see them or even ask the question. Anyway, I signed off on her and the girl was seen and released later that evening.

The next day I get called to go sign off again on a woman with a child. So I walked over to the woman and it was the same woman who wanted her other girl seen but this time she gave all different information. A different name, address, ect. So I took this a step further, still thinking it was because she was an illegal, I called the local police. I know a lot of people that worked for the police department given my line of work so I knew they would give me some good advice on what to think. I told them the girls names and the situation and asked if they can look the names up on a missing person list...there was a long pause and the Cheif of police gets on the line.... He said do what you have to do but keep them there until an officer arrives. It turned out that the girls had been kidnapped from Jacksonville, FL and the police had a hunch they were headed to Hollywood, FL. They had been missing for 4 days and the local police just got this information hours before.

To make a long story short the mother and father showed up a few hours later with V-day gifts and balloons. They were so happy to get their girls back. They even gave me a huge hug. I was given a letter of commendation from the Chief Of Police and the CEO of the hospital for a job well done. That day will probably go down as one of my best.

Just thought I would share with all of you. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day


  1. That's so amazing that your were able to help out and reunite the family like that. Glad it all worked out. Letter's of commendation are always good to have if you ever decide to work somewhere else. Hopefully they remember those at raise time :)


  2. Omg, that's *insane*...that's so cool, that you were able to save those kids and get them back to their parents...and a letter of commendation from the Chief of Police *and* the hospital? Wow! Congrats!


  3. These are the days we should remember...not the crap ones......amazing story .

  4. Sometimes the decision as to whether or not to make that call can be quite difficult. Amazing story and kudos to you for following through on a hunch!

  5. That is such a great story doll . . to have the instinct something was up, then to follow it. And for the police who acted quickly (we always here the bumbling stories), kudos to them as well. Thank you for sharing. You are full of surprises my pet.