Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is It Cheating?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine today. So I will put this question out there to you... If you were married and had an affair with a same sex partner, would that be considered cheating? Would you be upset if your mate was having a "gay" affaire?

I got 2 responses to this question. One of my male friends said he would be upset. That it is considered cheating. The other said...It would not bother him but would rather know about the affair. But in all honesty, both men said they would like to be involved. LOL

What do you think? And does it matter if you are male or female? I have had a few experiences with women and I loved being in the moment with them. I do not think I would have a long term sexual relationship, as I am not a lesbian. I do love reading about other types of relationships. It is why I enjoy all your blogs out there. To get a peek into your lifestyle. Just because it might not be for me doesn't mean I don't think it is HOT.

OK I'm getting off subject.... But you know me I just cant help my mind from wondering


  1. I think it's less about the sex of the partners, and more about how the situation was handled. Did the spouse tell their significant other before having the affair? Or was it a secret that they had to find out about? If the other person knew, and was okay with it, I don't think it's cheating...if it was a surprise...then I think it is...


  2. To me cheating can take many different forms. No matter if you are male or female, and no matter whether you have relations with someone of the same sex or the opposite sex, if you're partner is unaware and has not expressly consented....then it is cheating. I also believe that you can "cheat" without ever having physical relations. If someone is in a monogomous relationship, but is having an "emotional" where you become emotionally attached to another and perhaps even fall in love...that is also cheating in my book.

  3. Every single situation is unique. There of course is no blanket right or wrong answer to this question so i would only be able to answer for myself. Unless ordered to do so by my Master, given an explicit instruction, i wouldn't be able to have any other relationship.

    Marriage is sacred and precious. Unless there has been some previously drawn out agreement, i believe that even thinking about having an extramarital affair, with any partner, be it male/female/transgender, is most certainly cheating.

    The idea these days that people are allowed to even hide behind their computers and say "it was only on line" is also completely ludicrous. In my opinion, even that, sometimes especially that, is truly cheating when your feelings are so very exposed.

    Love your blog!!! =)

    MD's treasure

  4. I agree with Bre. I think if the person you're married to doesn't know anything about it then yes, it's cheating. If you have to hide what you're doing from your partner you must think there is something wrong with the situation.
    I'm not married but I'm in a situation where I live with my gf but also have a relationship with someone else. Before entering this other relationship I had a long talk with Kara to make sure this OK. If she had said no then I wouldn't have pursued it. This all just my opinion though. Great post.


  5. I love all your comments. Thank you so much for commenting.

    Have a wonderful weekend