Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Catch

Here I am, sitting at work, day number two with no Internet service. The power was out here yesterday for several hours and when it returned we had no computers. And that is why there was no post from me yesterday and I am only writing this today because I have the use of my phone.

Not much going on in my personal life the past 2 days but this will give me a chance to catch up on the Deadliest Catch. Last night there was a rescue of a man having a heart attack at sea. It was a daring rescue but all turned out well in the end. Then the fleet had a hard time with the ice building on the boats...very dangerous... At one point on the Time Bandit 60lb block of ice fell on Mike's (deckhand) head. Amazing he was ok.

Also, last night was the season premiere of After The Catch was on. It was sad not seeing Captain Phil not there. It has been 6 months since his death. I believe next week the show will go into how they lost the Captain.

And to give you an update on my horny status...I am still horny. Surprise!! Especially after watching my favorite menly men show. LOL

I live in Florida and the ocean is very near and dear to my heart (as I am sure it is to many of you) does anyone know how to get invoved in the clean up effort of the beaches and or animals effected by the oil?

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