Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Memorial Day Weekend

Its official… I have 18 mosquito bites and 2 horsefly bites on my body. (6 of them just below my ass) I hate being so God dam sweet. People wonder why I am so pale in color when I live in South Florida… Well folks, this is why. Bugs love me. They love to bite my sweet tasting ass. I just don’t get it. My friends and family tease me that if we are all outside they will stand close to me because they know they will get their fill on my blood and leave them alone. I am their human bug repellant.

Now add the sunburn on my back and I had the perfect Memorial Day weekend. But it wasn’t all bad…The kids and I had a great time boating, BBQing, and hanging at the pool. They went tubing and dolphin came right up to the boat. It was very cool.


  1. It's not your fault for being delicious! Sorry about the bites... ;)

    Glad you had a nice time though!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. Even mosquitos sense submission!