Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am just reflecting on so much lately. Next week my baby boy is turning 5. When he was born he almost died twice and was in the new born ICU for 5 weeks and for the next year I had to take him to therapy 6 times a week and I had to take the whole year off of work just to care for him. So to see him happy and healthy and loves to swim, play baseball, ect. is such a blessing.

My daughter who is now a teenager is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is as tall as I am now and wants to be a professional dancer. She is lovely and I have no doubt that she will. Next month she will be in a National competition where she will audition, dance, perform, and be interviewed for the National Dance title. The competition will be on TV so I will have to let you know when that aires.

I have also been thinking about my future. How I want to see my life and although I know what I want, it has been a hard track to accomplish. But I am working on it and with all the wonderful comments I get from all the people who read my blog I am sure my future will be bright.

Have a wonderful afternoon and great weekend if I happen not to be able to post tomorrow. (have to catch up on a lot of work from not having internet the past 3 days)

With Love…

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  1. I love reading happy blog posts. :) Yours especially. That's quite amazing about what your son has been through and overcome, I'm sure that wasn't easy on you. I hope things go well for your daughter at her competition.

    Have a great weekend!