Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sub Space

Have you ever put anyone in a choke hold? To hold the person with your arm around their neck until they faint? I didn’t know this was possible and when I was told this and was told it only takes seconds for this to occur I just had to find out what this was about.

I have talked about breathe play before and I know how dangerous this could be. But this seemed a little too easy. So there I was with Sir behind me. I was nervous about what was going to happen but he has done this sort of thing before and assured me I will only be out for a couple of seconds. Sir placed his arm around my neck and pressed lightly on my neck… The room got darker and the sound of his voice faded. The next thing I know Sir was asking me to answer him.

What? Did you say something?

He did it. He put me to sleep for a few seconds I guess. It was painless and so quick and now I felt so relaxed. I was in sub space. As if I was floating. It was so surreal. I can see why people do this for sexual gratification.

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  1. So interesting... I really hope to try this some day. :)