Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family and D/s

I do a lot of reading about other people in the D/s lifestyle. Though blogs, books, web sites… There is a question I always had in the back of my mind but never really asked. I think the following post has good explanations of how children are raised in a D/s living situation. Let me know what you think. I would be interested to know how you would handle it….

How does one raise kids in a D/s household? As one with several kids I thought I should talk just a moment on this. It does interest me how others deal with this so I would like to know how others feel as well.

My own history of being raised in a D/s household (unbeknownst to me) my entire life also puts me in a unique position to speak on this as well. It is obvious to me now how my folks are and the thought had crossed my mind once I became aware there was a whole underground community at the age of 18. But until it was stated clearly I would have never known for sure.

In most ways my owner and I approach this thing very much as my parents did. They did as much as possible to shield me from their unique lifestyle as do we. And just like they did I imagine there will be a day when I (or my owner) will have an honest open conversation about such things. I want them to know there is a lifestyle that exists like this, and make their own decisions about what to do with that knowledge. Unlike my mother though, I will try to tell them at some point in their life when it will be helpful to them if they need that. I suspect one or two of them may be exactly like us. As an adolescent I struggled with my strange thoughts and feelings. It never even occurred to me there were others like me. And it was happening right in my own home! It would have been some helpful knowledge at that time.

But for now it is my priority as a parent to not spoil their innocence in any way. It is a precious thing and my children are a far higher priority then this life I lead. Don’t misunderstand, we are very serious about our lifestyle, and it does not take a break ever. But when it comes to my children they just don’t need to know about this thing right now.


  1. Totally agree, Master and I are clear that he makes all the final decisions but the girls are still young (both under 10) and there's no need to go into more detail with them at this time in their lives. My policy is to answer their questions honestly as they come but to keep their age and maturity levels in mind when answering. Some kids are just more mature than others and can understand or grasp concepts better, other kids need a few more years before being introduced to whatever, everything is individual (or should be). This generic "one size fits all" learning technique just doesn't fit everyone.


  2. Ariia - Do you think you will tell them or keep it secrest unless they ask?