Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Beginning

I’m getting closer to reaching my goal of ending my constant state of horniness. I met someone a week or so ago and last night we had our 2ed date. He seems wonderful. Everything I am looking for (at least seems that way right now)

I do not want to give out to much personal information right now, as he is new to the blogging experience. Although he loves how open I am and he loves that I write and have my own web site, he is not sure how much he wants to be a part of it. I can understand that but what fun is blogging if I can’t share with all of you?

I am not sure how far this relationship will go. It is very new but for now we have agreed in my blog I will call him Sir and the posts about him will remain vanilla for now.

I know for some who read my blog this post is not welcome news and I am sorry for that. But as you know I am looking for a local connection. I do care and enjoy all of you and hope this or any other relationships will not end our friendship.


  1. If he reads your blog and comments, I hope he will take this comment to heart. There is nothing to be afraid of as far as blogging goes. Relax, have fun and let it be. I believe everyone's intentions in this community are basically the same--to share entertaining information and to get advice from fellow travellers. No harm in that, right?

  2. I hope he realizes that he should enjoy the blogging community. We tend to be friendly folk so hope he will let you tell him more.

    But the most important thing is that this seems like a positive relationship for you. Hope it continues to go well.


  3. Dear Tom and FD... Thank you for your support. After what I have gone though with Master C I need some positive right now.

    Thanks for the sweet comments. And I am sure Sir will come around to the dark side. lol


  4. Yeah, I know I'm behind! LOL! But I'm trying to catch up. Congrats on the new "Sir". I can tell from your posts how happy you are about it. I am happy for you. I know your time after Master C was a tough one. Glad to see that you made it through and have begun a new journey. Best wishes to you both!