Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Relationship Question

I was talking to friend the other day who said “breaking up is probably more painful in a D/s relationship then in a vanilla one.” This got me to thinking…is he right? I would love to know your opinion. What makes it harder? Do subs get closer to their Doms then if you had a vanilla boyfriend?

I have a lot of questions about what happen between Master C and I but I still feel lost without him. I need to feel that since of need and wants.


  1. My opinion is that subs are much needier than "vanilla" girls, so they feel the pain more. As a result, sometimes you might be tempted to make the wrong decision in the first place because rather than feeling love you are fulfilling a deep seated need to serve. So just be careful while you're out there in Dateland. Be patient.

  2. Thanks for the advice...if you dont mind I would like to put your comment on my new web site.


  3. I think because of the intensity and nature of a D/s relationship, a break-up of one of these relationships can be harder than a vanilla one. Especially since you are dealing with a sub who may be totally into and dependent upon her Dom. The need and attachment seems a lot of times to be deeper, as both parties are not as independent within the relationship. This is not to say that a vanilla one isn't or can't be just as bad. I just think a D/s type can typically be harder. JMO of course!